Don’t know what is worse

Decided to try & be helpful & pick tomatoes whilst hubby doing major gardening, cutting back scrubs etc. As fellow MS bloggers will know everything can be an effort (legs, base of spine- not mentioning my sore foot). But it is somehow pleasurable to pick ones own produce (hubby’s produce). Our greenhouse is rammed full of plants- dodging past the hanging cucumber, then filling plastic containers with various tomatoes. Hubby said he’d grow 6 plants this yr, but ended up with 27 plants!!  Which he promptly had to give most away to friends & neighbours. Anyhow from beefsteak, plum to cherry tomatoes it is a pleasurably task collecting their fruit.

‘I don’t know what’s worse’-  whilst picking tomatoes getting my hair stuck on the yellow fly paper- smothered in dead flies!!! or seeing a few of my hairs stuck to it & upset they were so grey & curly. I have never had curly hair- & didn’t realise it was SO grey.

(On the way back to the house I picked a rose & was amazed what a jungle of thorns it had become- poor hubby takes on so much helping me & autistic son- he only has so many hours in the day for pruning). I think our roses must win a prize for tallest & lethal).


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