Laugh till it hurts

learning blogging etiquette – not sure how to Reblog (bear with me if made a mistake) but I want to share & read blogs related to MS & autism, Not necessarily all the time- love food & laughing.


My day starts with getting out of bed. You say big deal right! We all start our day that way. True but let me explain why it is a big deal. I imagine someone watching me do this and vision how funny it must look. Actually they might not think it’s funny at all but I think it would be funny to watch myself get up. You have to picture it. If I’ve been on my back I can’t just sit up. I’m too stiff in the morning and I don’t have the strength to lift myself from that position. So I have to roll to my side. Sounds easy enough. Not! It’s a process of  rocking  and scooting just enough to turn myself so I can grip the side of the bed and complete the roll. Getting there! Now I have to pull my legs up as I push…

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2 thoughts on “Laugh till it hurts

  1. I spent about an hour trying to work out how to add a link to meets & greets on your site as you said it would help people find my blog. My god I must be dim? maybe don’t answer that


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