Sorry I’ve been away ( no computer)

Well! My computer didn’t turn on last wed, day later told the motherboard gone ( what ever that means), & even worse news not worth repairing or something. So discussion starts with hubby where to buy replacement. Another day goes by, order one for CostCo, another day & it arrives. Weekend . Then 2 more days till all my data transferred.

So that is over a week without accessing so many things our computers hold. My blog came to a grinding halt & probably wasn’t the best time to have actually started internet banking. In fact that was the day the computer’s motherboard gave up the ghost. Hope that is not a sign of things to come.

It was also not the perfect time to have no access to printing out things to my printer- as had 3 brown envelopes within the last two weeks. ( you either know what this means- or don’t- but feel a bit picked on having 3 this close together)- Like buses they all seemed to just keep arriving- all wanting information about stuff. A bit like Concentrix-digging around. No the pleasantest of feelings.

So here I am relieved I’ve a computer again- which sort of strange as it holds my photos, but is also completely alien to me. Having to learn some things again-  a new email system. Every things wants me to login in- my blog, Facebook, twitter etc etc.

Never mind the cost of this new computer, both financially, buying the blessed thing, data transfer, etc, plus I hate all this technical stuff- learning everything at once is nerve janglingly crap with MS fatigue, and buzzing at the end of my spin..

However you still get to see a few photos as can’t seem to blog without them- even if not relevant at all. ( 1st two are photos  taken as my my camera feel 10 ft from the window, as I leaned out trying to photograph the beautiful sky!- I suppose it had to happen one day) just lucky it works now.


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