Mondays lunch

Today I had  a lovely meal with a friend ( I was temped to call an old friend- but didn’t want to insinuate she’s ‘old’) but we’ve know each other since kids- so perhaps best friend is lovely way to phrase it. Anyway she came over in her jolly car ( a fair few miles)& we went for a lovely chatty lunch at the craft centre hubby & I  had our studio  decades ago. A chance to eat, catch up & enjoy some culture- looking at various artistic pieces.

pause whilst I pop to the loo- We had a lovely veg soup each, & shared an aubergine roll. Chat chat chat. When she asks me ‘how is my blob’ I lean over & feel round my side where my small biopsy was taken a few weeks ago. The dermatology department wanted to check a skin condition I have is ‘granuloma annulare’- possibly caused by  Beta Interferon ( taken for my Multiple Sclerosis) or may be something else completely.

Anyhow that is a story in itself, but she says ‘not your blob your blog‘!

So I tried to tell her how I was struggling, but ever time I mentioned blog it came out blob, so I think it has stuck for now.

( photos a mixture- one the light shining  onto hubby’s painting, another view from window today & yesterday) None of my granuloma annulare!

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