Homage to Hilda

Hilda has left us- aged 90- a fantastic charterer played by Jean Alexander. I see her everyday as she’s depicted on my apron hung up in the kitchen. Her scowling face- no doubt thinking up something scornful to shout at Stan. I’ve watched Coronation Street since the word dot it often mentions places where I grew up in the North West. I love it.

When I see her face  on my apron- that’s exactly how I felt on bad day.


Like the weeks  & weeks- for instance when I was going through Josh’s and my PIP (Personal Independence Payment) assessment  the replacement DLA. That long drawn out period – On bad days I glanced at Hilda’s face & I thought that is what I wanted to tell the world how I felt like.

In total contrast recently I found this old Snoopy card-  this is how I feel on a good day. ‘Lucy’  actually  looks so happy -its a lovely scene who could fail to be impressed with that pink dress, matching boots sitting on such a posh sofa. And more importantly maybe ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.


Well some days it can be all right to think that & other days when you feel like ***t, saddle paresthesia an ms symptom might be lurking- its difficult to raise a smile.

But today I look at Hilda’s face & smile.


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