No time to blog

Its been a buy few days, with my ASD son staying with us. Josh loves certain dates in the year- he seems to move from one celebration to the next. Like most autistic lads he finds the dates on a calendar so important and this current focus happens to be Halloween. We have had Christmas, Easter, his summer birthday, now its Halloween & then back to Xmas.

(So for the last few days, there has seemed little time to blog, excuse any mistakes as I am rushing things)

Hubby has grown a massive pumpkin this year specially for  when Josh visits, to be placed in the front porch- lit each night to as Josh says ‘warn off unwanted intruders’.

As a child in the UK  around bonfire night we carved swedes & I don’t remember seeing a pumpkin until a teenager. I don’t recall anything about Halloween- but nowadays its part of our culture, part of Josh’s calendar , so we carry on the tradition.

I photographed  the pumpkin with or without the lighting & couldn’t decide which to use- so here’s all three. Happy Halloween everyone.



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