Should I write my blog- or those Xmas cards?

Mum ( aged 91) said last week- ‘have you written your Xmas cards yet’?

‘No I haven’t’ I replied. I’ve bought some & they’re sat in a shoe box- waiting for inspiration to start writing. Rather a tiresome job- that seems to mostly fall to the wife for some reason.I keep putting it off.

Mum has written all 150 of hers. Putting me to shame- but she did start in Oct. I know Xmas cards are a hassle for most people in the modern world, but she doesn’t have a mobile phone or computer. Never receives texts, emails, looks at twitter, catches glimpses of family photos on FB. I can’t imagine life without  this  easy /lazy communication- remember how pathetic I was the other week when my computer’s internet went down.

So for mum receiving her cards is a way of keeping in touch with those distant family members & friends who she doesn’t speak to over the phone.

(Mum & Dads cards  always have a  photo of  one of dads paintings on the front- mostly snow scenes. At 96 he has so many to choose from- see previous year example).

And so I sit typing this blog- with a beautiful sunset appearing. Next job will be starting on the cards. I suppose I’m like my mum I love keeping in touch with old friends I haven’t seen for a while- to many years to mention. It’s nice touching base with them all once a year. Maybe I should have started in Oct too!

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