In the bleak mid winter

Certainly been a bit nippy the last few days/ nights. One of those times where the tumble dryer has to go on- not even worth getting hubby to hang out the washing. As you can tell I have very little to write about in this blog. But being British, it’s my duty to mention the weather. ‘Hasn’t it been cold lately’.

The Xmas decoration are now down, squirreled away in the loft or under the house, for as Josh said ‘there will be another one later in the year’. Quite right too.

I sort of have a lethargic January feeling -certainly been a strange festive period. I’ve checked how many Quality Streets are left in the tin- just in case I may feel they need finishing off ( slowly over the next few weeks- it would be wasteful to throw them away). I think that may be a woman’s downfall -not wanting things to go to waste. But will pay the price when I get on the scales! Except for the Strawberry soft centres- Yuck.

(vegetable anomaly- pepper cut open last pm- inside  a whole baby pepper).Probably embarrassing that was even worth mentioning!

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