A new years resolution I should make ( perhaps) is to stop hoarding- card board boxes! Empty ones, but in my eyes – useful. A few are stacked up one inside another – by the side of my sewing machine ; especially nice ones fit on top of the dresser; some in bedroom cupboards ( those are the ones that fall out on you when you open the doors!) slightly annoying.

Every year of two I do have a cull. It is necessary- but they soon start stacking up, especially this time of year.

This blessed  saddle paraesthesia has returned. One of the symptom of MS that I can spot quite easily nowadays, with matching pain when I walk. So to while away an hour I decided to use some of my storage of boxes as trays whilst I cut up the remaining Xmas cards for tags.

That done & with my phone as on hand I took a few images that caught my eye- interesting patterns. I can tell its about time I did a bit of artwork. But I always find some reason not to start- or have done for about 3 years. Maybe that can be another new years resolution.


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