A trip through my mug cupboard


I’ve some real favorites in our mug cupboard. For instance ‘Student Body’ Julian gave me back in our early ‘courting days’ 1981, and like wise same era I gave him the ‘Mammoth achievement’ cup when he passed his test. The brown mug must be oldest 1980 as my mum bought it me when I went of to Stoke Polytechnic or Uni as we now call it!

The Man City mug is obviously mine.

Joshua has some great mugs, Wallace & Grommet, Dads Army & Thunderbird’s is Harvey’s fav.

The bottom left with fish always reminds me of my dad, the 2 next to it are ones I will use first as they are presents from Harvey, but really nice to drink from. I think mum is right bone china is the best!


Lastly ( although not mugs) this chap on the Lurpack toast rack- Julian& I bought from a charity shop one day when out with Josh as it somehow reminds us of him, full of smiles, yet cool! The Sal pot reminds me of all my friends called Sally, and holidays abroad.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a trip round my cupboard- I did warn you I was a hoarder!


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