Looking out the window today, yesterday, all week it has been grey.I was talking to mum in Nov last year- saying there were still a few roses here & there in the garden, and she said her grandma ‘ Alice Maud’ who she was named  after, often would pick one on Xmas day (as she retired to Cornwall).

Born In 1873 Islington, London, Alice moved to Ipswich at 7. She was a keen musician & often played the organ at Ipswich  Cathedral. It was on one of these occasions she wore a dress which was later made into the christening gown for her two boys George & Ernest (my grandpa), then Maud ( my mum), Phyllis, & Anne, & all Warburtons, & most great great grand children since.

In the 1891 census she was listed as a teacher of music. I’m not sure when she  & James Redfearn married, but James had to be at least 30, which was a rule for methodist ministers; so it was probably 1897. He’d meet Alice as she was a church organist.


Great grandfather Rev James married son Ernest to Edna Regina Clarkson on July 2nd 1923 at Mobberley Methodist church , & Alice Maud played the organ; a real family affair!

Alice was a apparently a very smart lady & renown for wearing ‘Crysede’ silk dresses in the summer & worsley ones in the winter; grey stockings & lace up brown polished shoes. She was atypical Ministers wife.

My mum not been in the best health at the moment, so I have taken a photo of the rose I saw in the garden today. We are well past Xmas- but it still reminds me of the story.So this is for you mumx


This grey weather is a bit like I am feeling, with this saddle paraesthesia hanging around. I can’t do much really- but rereading this info I wrote about my relations in the past is taking my mind of the nagging feeling- so  I may include a few interesting letters in another blog one day. These were written by great grandfather Rev James on a months trip t0 Paris in 1906.  What a life- a month in Paris- ha what.

On a different note -Nothing much on the TV ( I set myself a rule not to watch daytime TV- unless it’s tennis or #bargainhunt when having lunch). But not much on the TV generally in January, but that is good as I can catch up with all the the programs I have taped over Xmas. Can’t wait for Lady in the van- what a treat.

( blimey wrote down by mistake- lady on the bus- google that it is quite a different film!!)

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