It was a good idea for a blog……I dreamed up whilst waiting for the dentist-Now I am home I’m blank!

I  was sat in the dentists waiting room this morning, whiling away the time, &  dreamed up a super idea for today’s Blog. But by the time I ‘d seen the dentist,  been in a couple of shops trying to buy mum some bed socks, Tesco’s for some flowers & driven home – where I  hope I haven’t got a speeding ticket (doing 31  and a half mph at the most). Once home I can’t recall what it was- or even if it was a brilliant idea?

So instead I’ll tell you about me burning the toast this morning. That awful smell that lingers for days . I dutifully scrapped off all the singed bits ( after the announcement on the news the other day about it causing some health issues), it was a nice piece of Gluten free loaf- & didn’t want to waste it. But it seems to be just a catalogue of mishaps- like putting twice the amount of sugar in hubbys tea.Lack of concentration.

One the way from dentist I took a few photos- all show rather a grey day in a welsh market town. But on closer inspection I noticed the wind vane on top of what I think is a doctors surgery- can you see what it is!

What a good sense of humor- a syringe!! ( took me a few goes with spellcheck helping to spell) ‘syringe’. Not the easiest work to recall- but there you are again- I couldn’t remember. What would we as a nation do without spellcheck & a calculator on our keyboards.

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