One thing leads to another….

Sometimes- you just need a cuppa. Nothing else will suffice. First thing in the morning, with my toast at least two cups, followed by another big beaker at elevenses. This last year since I have been taking amitriptyline my breakfast & elevensy has got closer & closer.

It just makes me so tired & sluggish. I’m  very glad I can  sleep better (and has helped reduce some pain), but getting up in a morning is ridiculously hard ;sleeping through alarms, the phones ringing. I know my voice in the mornings sounds sluggish- fear not I haven’t been at the sherry that early! In fact my bottle of sherry stands covered in dust along with the baileys & a very old Pimms. if only wine would last that long even to gather dust!

So whilst checking out the Sherry bottle this am- I photographed the shelf above with lovely photo in original frame of my dad & his siblings in the 1920’s.  The small photo on the right is of grandma probably around 1900 . ( I found a few more of this ‘Cleopatra- Tableau’ at Lymm Sunday School Grandma centre). How long ago this looks now!


More about her story another day…..however I turned away from the photos on the shelves looking at my cupboard I must tidy  it soon- or jut carry on pushing things in until it all falls out one day!. It has so many knickknacks, old sketchbooks, sewing baskets, old ribbons- jut things I think may come in useful (more hoarding!!)

I take out an old sketch pad 1995 or about- and so I will maybe start showing you a journey through some pages………..

more maybe tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “One thing leads to another….

  1. Dear Susan, I marvel at your lovely warm humour as you describe your daily struggles; it’s humbling to have such a cousin. Well done also for finding the old photos of Grandma–have never seen them before, Very Best Wishes,


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