so I can’t count -where have the years gone

I posted the other day I had found my old sketchbooks. Dated around 1995- and I said that was twelve years ago. But yesterday it dawned on me- how ridiculous & worrying. It’s not ‘twelve years‘ ago like I stated- but ‘Twenty two‘!!!

Before I used the MS with myself, when I was still teaching, working from the studio- perhaps even before I knew much about autism. No wonder they are so colorful.  I know it’s a cliche- but Oh my God, where have those years gone. & what I been doing.

But lets not be negative- it was a nice thing to have a quick peep inside the pages- although most things like postcards are stuck down with blue tac. I had wondered  on Friday why so many are falling out-  blue tac mustn’t  have the shelf life of 22 years!

I remember taking the photo of the bicycle lent against the wall, whilst on holiday in Menorca with my mother in law- the boys they were about 2,& 5. It was pokey little apartment, & in the evening we’d sit outside drinking a glass of cheap wine ( if we could open the bottle). Fighting with the cheap corkscrew-  realizing how much we missed a man to open the bottle for us!

Anyway I went over & took the photo of the bike, with my Olympus trip ( bought as an art student- our  regularity camera). Walked back & she said ‘what are you doing, photographing that bike!’ She made fun  years about me photographing it. But I loved the shadows.

That’s another boring tale. More soon…………

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