1983- a trip backtime

I have put the Forsyte Saga dvds back in their cases (isn’t the easiest of names to spell, feel the need to add an ‘h’ to the name Forsthye for some reason). However- the dvd’s have been watched and although I constantly dropped off to sleep whilst watching them- I think that is more to do with the shingles, the extra codeine tablets & general malaise.I enjoyed them- but wouldn’t rush to see them again.


I have gone back and re-investigated 1983 diary to see what I thought about shingles the first time round, a month before my finals. It’s actually all quite fresh in my memory,  but with this diary it gives me the insight of being 21. I went to stay with my family on the farm for a few weeks & during that time  wrote- ‘I feel so confined at home, don’t behave in the same way- I suppose everyone grows away from home. How I long to be with Julian’-  back at our grotty flat together. That transition time- isn’t it wonderful to actually read those words 36 years later. That is what we want our kids to do- just grow away from the family nest.As a mum now I can see it from a parents point of view-it is sad- but only natural.

Something much more difficult for our autistic children- but it is happening slowly for Josh (Perhaps in a contrived manner). He is here tomorrow for a short half term break. I will stay away from him as much as possible with my shingles- but he certainly would be very upset to have the trip canceled- hates any  changed in routine unless an emergency . I will just try not to have physical contact. Where as i wouldn’t dare go near my elderly parents whilst I have shingles. 

Back to the 1983 diary- something that is so different nowadays- is how when I was staying with my parents & Julian  wanted to ring me- he walked to a phone box in the Stoke area. Firstly collect enough change – then find a phone box in working order!  When he rang I had to talk where ever I answered the phone- whether it  be in a room full of other family, with the TV blaring, or a nice secluded room. So that made conversations most difficult & different to nowadays, where you can walk around the house with cordless phone, or most people use their mobile phones. Back then there were no secretive texts, emails, – quite a different era. Julian might be queuing for the phone box, or there might be others queuing waiting for him to stop prattling to this girl on the end of the phone! Or he might want a wee- well you can’t just put the phone down – nip to the local pub & continue the phone call.





2 thoughts on “1983- a trip backtime

  1. Was it 10p pieces we had to collect up then ? I can’t really remember . It was quite off putting thou phoning from a box that smelt of urine & strangers glaring at you through the grubby square panes of glass.
    But I suppose it was private!


    1. Probably 10p, but I do remember 2p’s! quite a while ago. Anyhow using phone boxes were more private then student phone, which was in the foyer of our Art Dept. I had to ring my mum on that- after she’d rung the college. hearing my grandpa had died. Very strange.


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