When Friday is just another day

This last week has dragged – opposite to flown past. Even if I’m in little vacuum here.  Not coping with children on half term, nor visiting those family members in hospitals. But things must be slowly impoving. I’ve noticed tomorrow is Saturday 😀

Lucky enough to have Josh here for a few days. He’s great, understanding my shingles, or spots as I explained  them to him, on legs & few other places. Showing him the ones on my legs (let’s face it who hasn’t seen those!).

But he made me smile, saying, ‘NO, don’t show the ones on your bottom. Please’.

‘Haha’, I said ‘won’t do that, no fear.’!!

We don’t hug, but devised touch elbows together.

Knowing, me knowing you, ahaaaaa

Karaoke time😊😄😉😎😭 always fun.

First blog written on my tablet, hopefully it will work.

Have a good weekend.  Hope everyone has a more peaceful week than last.



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