Serious Moonlight Tour- Bowie 03/07/83

Serious Moonlight tour – as written in 1983 diary

Blazing hot day find the ‘Bowl’ in Milton Keynes- cues of traffic but quick to park and only 50p. It’s a long walk to the arena, thousands of people. Get to the entrance ‘ no bottles allowed’- so have to throw ours away! Get inside and straight away meet Tessa which is a miracle, because honestly what with  about 1/2 million people- how do we manage to meet up! We walk around dazed by heat and spectacle. Find somewhere to sit. It is a large semi circle like amphitheater- no seats just grass bank. People lying sunbathing themselves. We both catch it- red faces. Talk to Tessa learn horrible news Dave, friend Yvo’s old boyfriend committed suicide wk ago. we only went out for a drink with him the other wk & he was there. An overdose, wasn’t found until 4 days later. Poor sod. 

The first supporting band ‘IceHouse‘ play from 4.45- 5.45. Then hour of music- so just chat & lie in sun.  Jules & I go & get a pizza, lemonade & use loo- all very clean & well organised. The Beat next band play for an hour.

#Bowie comes on 8.40- we are so far away- he is as big as my thumb nail, but a video screen shows a good picture above the stage. He does all the good favorites, Lets Dance, Jean Jeanie, Space Oddity, etc etc. We are so far away, every one up on their feet. Up front they have to be sprayed with water to cool audience down. Goes dark and they have good lights. This big moon on a crane dangles overhead a real balloon moon which empties millions of little ones, which shine like stars.

It’s all so amazing, don’t believe, actually I’m there. Only annoyed at how little Bowie communicated,& how much attention was given to the lead guitarist. It finishes at 10.45. Surges of people leaving. We have to sit in the car for an hour waiting to get out of the car park. Good humoured though. we have a picnic whilst waiting. Welsh chap wants to swap a salami sandwich for drink- so have windows down & start swapping food?

Eventually get on the road & cue till M1, Takes till 2-00 am to get to this point. Ring up home- tell mum & dad not to worry. Bowie fans in all the service stations, more cues. Carry on- its getting daylight now.No we will need petrol soon……………

Can’t believe it a mile from service station & the car conks out of petrol! Now 5.00 am on the M6.  Walk to the phone & ask AA to come out please, tell them ‘not to ring dad, & wake him‘ & they get suspicious (we aren’t  members of AA but dad is & this is his mini). Send the police out to us, who ask questions- ridiculous. Asking Julian who he is. They do go eventually, & an AA man comes with some petrol , which we pay him for. Now we can go thank goodness Get home 6 am- what an adventure,’

Years before Multiple Sclerosis was diagnosed, when I could walk miles ( long before fatigue or other MS symptoms)& lovely to remember all the adventures.  Upsetting to think about Dave an art student friend –  died from an overdose and how I can’t even recall his surname. Sad- I suspect I would have written a lot more about this in my 1983 diary- but as I learnt about this overdose in the summer after Uni was closed for the summer, & when sat at this Bowie concert as a 21 year old life must have appeared quite cheap.


2 thoughts on “Serious Moonlight Tour- Bowie 03/07/83

  1. Sue
    Loved the concert memories. Believe it or not i was also going to that concert with a mate until my car broke down on the way. It was a scorcher of a day and we had to make a choice. Ditch the car and hitch to MK bowl or get car sorted, divert to a party and use all my charms to continue my char of a young blonde PE student …. chose the latter and sadly whilst I missed Bowie I managed to get the love of my life, so worth it on the end.


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