Started as a joke

Well it just shows. A few years ago I sent a couple of knitting patterns to my friend. Just as a joke.  It was a second marriage – I saw the knitting patterns when out with Josh one day- rooting round a charity shop & they appealed. So I included them with her wedding presents, saying this is how she & her husband would be in a few years. Bouffant hair included.


And now she is considering knitting the cardigan from Patons! She actually is a keen & very competent knitter- but that wasn’t why I sent them to her. So I hope it works out for her & I look forward to  seeing the result.


When I was growing up- middle aged woman looked like this- perhaps this is me now ( without the sugar tongs). I actually have one of those trolleys ( keep the orchid plants on them- rolling them into & out of light)
Unfortunately I wouldn’t be like her- great make up false eye lashes- looks slim even in her knitted outfit!

Can’t finish this blog without mentioning these gentlemen- don’t they look smart in their woollies. I can see hubby in a flat cap, tie & scarlet red jumper  when he’s gardening. Perhaps I should learn to knit!

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