Should be dusting

I know there are jobs I should have a stab at, whilst I have a small amount of energy. The dusting is shouting out at me- but where to start. Best place is to sit in front of computer & think about it. I’ll decide, after this blog……maybe.

I wanted to share this photo from the clouds yesterday & see if anyone else reckons they can see a horse.


These  wooden  ‘Misericords’ carved by medieval monks in Gloucester Cathedral- made me smile.

Non so much as these two below- ( man lying down embracing a donkey ) as you do! And strange monster swallowing a man whole. I love that one- he’s showing no resistance at all.  He looks how I feel often- pathetically fatigued. Health wise – at least my shingles disappearing slowly. So that is a plus sign. Bye all

2 thoughts on “Should be dusting

  1. Hi there, so sorry you’ve had the misery of shingles to contend with ,good to hear it’s starting to get better. Yes I can see a bit of Fuseli style horse in your sky – and I’m not on medication.Love all you quirky ,unexpected photo images.Inspired me to take iPad into garden and take some pics, oh dear !! Results not so inspiring, carry on blogging.look forward to more stories &snippets.


    1. Lovely to hear from you Bev- real surprise. I am amazed how my blog reaches so many people- if I thought in reality people were reading things- I’d be stage stuck. However it is good to reach the outside world when people like ourselves spend most of the time in our homes! sending lots love & will email soon Sue xx keep snapping with that ipad


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