Taken out for lunch- what a tonic

Cheers you up no end, when your taken out for lunch- & have a natter. One of those occasions when you sit in cosy chairs, & talk on any subjects, never really finishing a topic- but flowing from one to another.

Feel so tired- so tired- & yet rejuvenated. Does that make sense?

We didn’t go walking the hills, playing a few sets of tennis, shopping till we could drop, having a spa( although that sounds tempting), just had a simple meal, & a conversation- that was 95% humour, 5 % pain.


Plus to another good friend who rang me from overseas yesterday- just to see ‘how my shingles were getting along’. Or rather ‘how I was getting along with my shingles’. It was lovely to hear her voice – another tonic. And to hear her tales from a warmer ( slightly warmer) climate.


2 thoughts on “Taken out for lunch- what a tonic

  1. I do believe there might have been a few grumbles from the grumpy old girls too. But definitely didn’t spoil our time together. What would a good old natter be without a few grumbles anyway. Probably turning into my mother!


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