Like a slug

That’s an interesting title- I hear you ask. Its how I feel. Buts it’s my own fault. I’ve just eaten a ‘lemon drizzle cup cake’ when I didn’t really feel hungry, but was unpacking a  super dooper box of goodies that arrived just now from my brother/wife. So many lovely smells wafted up as I unpacked the polystyrene box. Savories with quiches to linger over & all sorts of tasty cakes. All gluten free from the ‘Baked to Taste’ range.

So I have lessened the load to either store in fridge, freezer etc. by gorging that cup cake. Now I’m on my second cup of tea, having got quite a thirst!

So apart from feeling like a slug. I wanted to show you the photos of the Camellia in our garden. The last time it had blooms like this, a week later we had that snow that lasted 4 weeks over Easter. Josh was determined to have the Easter egg hunt in the garden- so we donned wellington boots & after dad had done a good job hiding a few eggs away from the snow we commenced.


All strange weather for Easter in the UK. However I say this in slight interpretation, as we sometimes receive weather from over in New Jersey and we’ve all seen the awful snow they’ve had this week.

Fingers crossed we can just appreciate the Camilla without worry of the cold snap arriving next week.

Home 27/03/13

There are so many blooms this year on the Camilla- it has even started to split. What a shame. Never-mind more importantly, Where did I put those cakes !!



2 thoughts on “Like a slug

  1. The Camilia looks fantastic, ours aren’t out as much as those . You must have a micro climate in Ruthin. If it makes you feel any better , when I came in from the garden this afternoon I enjoyed not one but 2 pancakes ( M & S ) . Now I’m not really hungry for my dinner!


  2. well I’m on to the savory selection for today now- Homity Pie. serving with asparagus J bought in the selling off section. Hope you enjoyed your 2 pancakes- made me feel slightly less of a glutton. Glad you appreciated the Camilla- it is something magnificent


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