Beautiful day

The other day I went to town- determined to try & spend some of my vouchers given by my mother in law as a Xmas present (topped up last week with birthday gift). So I had a sizable amount to shop with & what with a bad bout of saddle paraesthesia in Jan, followed by Shingles I’ve been unable to go out really, never mind go clothes shopping.

So yesterday was the day- the sun was shining, I made the effort to make myself presentable & off I went.

Well at least I came home with some goodies (spending half the money) And I’m so grateful, but find shopping extremely tiring. Usually will home shop , so I can try things on over a number of days.

After a while in the  shop I found myself sitting on their chair  taking frequent little rests, and the kind assistant moved it near the changing cubicle which made it more private.

I was choosing bits & pieces of clothing that I thought a) would suit me, b) would fit and  c) that weren’t striped (everything seemed stripes & after a certain age I don’t think width way strips are a good idea). Well not when you are still working off the tin of Quality Street from Xmas, the box of after eights & now all my birthday goodies!!  I am obviously exaggerating when I say stripes were everywhere I looked, but it must be this seasons favorite.

Now I am sat with a cup of tea, typing this- & walked past the chocolate brownie. How good I’ve been only eating half. For now.

My goodness- the sunshine has come out in force- I’ve collected this tea towel from the  washing line in the greenhouse- & it nearly standing up by it’s self!

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