This Aprils fool day I didn’t tell Julian ‘there were sheep in the garden’.

I imagine it’s rather annoying- my childlike humour. But I feel April Fools day is there for a reason- to annoy others. But this year I didn’t use the old ruse about there being sheep in the garden. I knew it wouldn’t work after all these years. All I could drum up- with a little gusto was –  ‘I didn’t realize it had rained so hard- as the front porch is flooded!’ Not very realistic.

He didn’t believe me. But I made the effort. Will be better prepared next year- or perhaps not.  All too much trouble really when there are only us two at home.


My left leg ( the shingles leg) is still naughtily weak. Trying to put my socks on today was such an effort. ‘Come on Susan, all you need to do is lift the leg & place in the sock’. But it kept dropping. Not doing what it was told. In comparison my right leg is much stronger. So  more gentle exercise is maybe the answer. Although when I tried a bit of Pilates  the other day I was nearly a basket case. Walking was an effort- so I have steered clear from trying anymore for a day.

I don’t go to a class anymore. I was always turning right when should be turning left, just sitting down, as it was time to stand up!! so find my little mat & DVD a quieter less stressful atmosphere. I can wear my new socks with plastic-icky things on the bottom a present from the mother in law at Xmas. They’re only tiny things but certain build up friction,  when I want to slid my leg along the mat- seems to just want to spot wield itself. Also they are constantly revolving around my foot. But I will persevere as were bought in good faith.


Leaving health matters to one side- what a day of two halves. Rain nearly sleet this am, & a beautiful evening.

How do you like my Stella Magnolia it has a posh name but my friend Stella bought it & so call it that-  rather then ‘Stellata’. I love it, but a shame it disappears so quickly with a drop of rain.

And so I end this rather lame blog.

However we must remember it is  #WorldAutismAwarenessWeek. Watch a heartfelt program # next Tuesday BBC 1 9 pm.

Luckily you can have a breather until MS Awareness week 24 -30 April.

Now this photo is London Rd, Stoke in Trent circa when we were students early 1980’s. When I say we- I mean Julian & I. The  pub opposite from where I lived was the Biltons Factorygb.3.384000.342000.1.1986white clay would scatter the road. But all as a student I seemed to be interested in, was the Vine pub opposite. Who’s juke box played records that jumped. Not so good with Ultravox ‘Vienna’.

I have traced that photo for a friends birthday card- she will be amazed seeing our road 40 years later. Hopefully.

Bye all, must dash to make some tea

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