Thanks for the great night

I’ve known Jude & Graham, Sandra & Martin over 35 years- and was a real treat getting together, last  weekend they made the effort & stayed in a hotel close by to our home so we could all have a scrumptious meal.

WP_20170408_004 1Last year was a bit of a hoot ( in a Basil Fawlty style manner) as the little boutique hotel they were staying in, announced at 12 pm ‘it was time to go to bed’. It was his home.  So dutifully all the guests trooped off to their bedrooms & we panicked to get a taxi home.

With this in the forefront of everyone’s mind- when we decided to meet up again this year another venue was sort. We hadn’t any issues with the food at Basil Fawltys, but it was certainly a novel way of encouraging paying guest to book again. In fact I think it was lucky this ‘sending to bed’, never made it on to tripadvisior.

And so as in all situations where you want to recommend somewhere to have a good meal, or stay in the area- I asked my hairdresser. Who suggested Springs in LLanrhaeadr.  And the food , accommodation were first class. What a turn around from 12 months ago.

It was in walking distance so my friends could meander back towards our old little village were we lived 25 years ago – a beautiful place , with St Dyfnog church & well. 

I have wandered from my theme of the blog-(as usual) . Which the fact the fact our friends had driven up to see us ( primarily it started as a birthday treat). They know I don’t travel much-  & decided to come over for a night to see us. Meet up where they were both staying & have a glorious chin wag, eat & drink as much as desired & then Julian & I would roll home in the taxi to the comfort of my own bed to sleep of excesses.

Since having MS I have been going out less, going away few & far between & scouring holidays where the beds are always defined as comfortable. If we go to a holiday cottage for instance I can pick up nuances, bends, dips in a mattress from 100 yards. If the mattress is not comfortable the buzzings in my spine are greatly exaggerated.

So how lovely to be able to see friends & enjoy the evening without upheaval of changing locations, journey, packing, travel, & all the fatigue that brings. This weekend we were also blessed with summer weather- which was wonderful as both couples were staying in Shepherds huts. The girls enjoyed spa treatments & the men walked to gain an appetite up to St Dyfnogs Holy Well.

So all in all we had a great time- Hope to see you all again soon xxx



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