“Shear a sheep with a carrot peeler”

So we are emptying the dishwasher, together, when Josh announces ‘Can you shear a sheep with a carrot peeler’? or in fact he may have said ‘ you can shear a sheep with a carrot peeler’. I am not sure now.

Julian replied by saying’ not many people hear that question’!

And I said ‘ I don’t think you would get very far Josh- need something better than that’.But as emptying the dishwasher goes- it made it more lighthearted- on Easter Monday.

We had a super Easter- with Roast lamb. Julian was suffering slightly with stretched tendons- having planted the potatoes the day before. It had been a real sunny day, but pretty nippy outside. So I wrapped up warm when I went to see how he was getting on. Noticed the asparagus was shooting up nicely.  Even if some pieces decide to be curlywhirly. They still taste delicious.


Potatoes had been in the back kitchen for weeks chitting (I  easily say that incorrectly!!). Anyway I was glad to see them planted at last.

Julian still uses the spade used to by his grandfathers ( a keen gardener) – when the shaft broke my dad made a new wooden replacement- that has lasted years.


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