Trip to post office

Over the last few weeks I have been organising a renewal passport for Josh.  Practising  sign inside the box. Then he was taken for the photos. Which  I thought  looked great.

I filled in the form. Julian also needed replacement passport  Took them to the post office together for checking.

So stood in the post office cue, she takes out Josh’s photos mentioning he’s not looking completely straight at the camera, or his eyes slightly to one side. I mention how he hates having photo taken. It’s like staring at an autistic person, which is so unsettling. She told me to comment about this on the form and passport may accept it.

But that was not really the reason for my blog. She looked at the photo and the passport, then thought he would need a signature,  as he had changed quite a lot in ten years. I said okay. Then she goes to Julian’s passport details and guess what. Obviously was looking at the wrong person.

So that’s a relief.  It was all sorted.

Apart from a coughing fit whilst I paid. Everything went swimmingly.  Time to drive home and photograph tree before chopped down tomorrow.  Plus make Josh tea. 5pm. No later! I am typing this out whilst Josh watching Crystal Maze in the room with my computer. But as much as I like Richard O’Brian it is difficult for me to concentrate normally without having that pretty loud in one ear and Josh talking about his forthcoming trip to see Half a sixpence with times, dates having to be perfectly right.  So I am sat next door on  my tablet,  so I apologise for any mistakes .


































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