2 Tubes in the bathroom- 1 face cream-1 toothpaste- …………………….

So one night this week- I finally made that mistake.

It’d crossed my mind, these tubes, similar shapes, pretty close to each other on my bathroom cupboard, may be mistaken –  I’d never be that stupid. However, yes I did try & clean my teeth with face cream, & it has taken me a few days to get the taste from my mouth, as you can imagine.


It has been a troublesome week. For everyone in the UK, and those who have any connection to Manchester a strange one.  This time last week, I was back where I grew up, In an old stomping ground hale, meeting with old friends, in a pub – sharing stories from 40 years back. It was relaxing,  but glad I made the effort to attend as I missed last years reunion.

Fast forward 48 hours & those good memories from the previous weekend have evaporated. We are all taken over by the horrendous events of Monday . So many people are touched by the night, even the postman here in North Wales knows of girls who attended the event. It has been a long week, will take more than a few days to wash from our system.

I will continue another day……………


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