Staring at this computer screen gives me no inspiration


It’s been a while since I wrote anything for my blog. Events at the moment keep taking a turn for the worse- so my mind is more than frazzled. I can’t think, but manage to eat & drink– the chocolate biscuits keep disappearing, never mind the odd bottle of  Sauvignon Blanc.

On the positive side had a great visit with Josh on Sunday. He thoroughly enjoyed his trip to see Grease at the theatre – showing us the smart wig including rollers, and 1950’s glasses he bought  (worn I think be Betty Rizzo). Not sure when he will wear it in the future, but you never know.

Visited mum last Wednesday & had a pleasant chat- in her own fashion.  Nearly 36 hours later- the tables have been over turned, more hospital visits. I spent a great day mostly in traffic jams on Friday with Jeff ( big brother) and his wife Maria,- visiting her hospital bedside.

We parked the car easily ( a miracle), found a wheelchair ( even bigger miracle)- got in the lift, us three with another chap who was carrying 2 cups of coffee. I was rather nervous as they were more or less aimed in the fire of my lap. Jeff said to him ‘ do you want 2’? ( as in do you floor 2 ), & the chap said ‘ no one coffee is for a friend!’. I think he was panicking we were referring to being a bit greedy. Not very comical really but made us all laugh.

Highlight of the day was when we were sat on some back road in leafy Cheshire, in yet another bank holiday weekend traffic cue. Jeff’s drivers window was open- some smart Alec shouted towards us  from his car ‘Have you any drugs!’. Obviously impressed by the white Merc we were riding in- confusing us with perhaps another dealers car!

It did make us chuckle. And so i can feel a bit more inspired to write again- I will leave you with more photos of my surroundings to give the page a bit more colour.

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