Respectfully- exhausted & relieved

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My mums funeral……..

So I ticked of  a list of things in my head as the 24 hours  were getting closer

  • slept well ( sort of) √   ( can’t find a tick symbol- so a square root will suffice)
  • got up early enough (woken by phone) √
  • Managed to fit in breakfast & a boiled egg by 11.15 √
  • dressed, make up ( what little make up I wear) by 11.30 √
  • leave house by 11.45 and drive to Ashley 12.45 √
  • stop at friendly local pub to use the loo’s ( ashamed to say we didn’t ask !)12.50 √
  • arrive a the church 12.55√

IMG-20170927-WA0008 (2)

All went well so far. Friends family arrive at church and everyone so supportive. Julian & I had been keeping eyes our open for Josh & wonderful support staff Philip to arrive -just as we sat down in church they were there. Wonderful.

Hymns played beautifully by Paul ( my cousins husband)

  •  Love divine, all loves excelling
  • How great Thou art
  • Jerusalem- (what else for someone who was in the WI)

Poems, & readings were read stoically by Grandchildren. Rounded up by a wonderful Eulogy  by Ashley. As well as prayers, many kind thoughts from the Minister & to the committal. We gathered around the grave, it wasn’t cold, it wasn’t raining. Lovely & warm- it just felt right. We were placing mum in the same grave as dad.  Without being melodramatic- back together on their anniversary. Seventy two years since 1945.

We took turns Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust: Josh was thoughtful as he sprinkled the earth backwards & then forwards over the grave. As if he was dusting a light sprinkle of icing sugar.

24 hours later & it is POURING with rain- chilly. so we were so lucky.



So yesterday it was a sad day- but also strangely happy. Friends & family were so kind.


Josh gave me a bunch of flowers. Sweet.

Now it is all over.

Mum was a great mum.img087

Super gran

img220 (2)

Wonderful Wife


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