1st November 1992. Quarter of century ago

Quick blog. This picture is my screen saver & it dawned on me today that it was taken at Harvey’s Christening on 1st November 1992. Twenty five years ago


I look at it and think it reminds me of friendship. Our babies born about 2 months apart from one another, which seemed so different when one child is wearing clothes aged 6 months, one aged 3 months & the other newly born outfits.

Nowadays these babies, are men towering over us shrinking middle aged mothers- some more than others. So much has happened in that twenty five years and yet it seems like yesterday. Stood outside LLanrhaeadr church having our photos taken. Rearranging these little precious bundle in our arms. we certainly look so happy.


Friends for years- it is nice to touch base ever now & again.


just a few random photos of the skies this week. Better go the oil delivery is here!

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