Deleting a phone number

It is quite simple. Just press delete. But here we are two months since mum died and I still have her phone number stored in my phone.WP_20171114_001

So perhaps it’s time to clear it, so I’m not reminded I can’t ring her, each time I scroll through the stored numbers. Seems rather final really. But I will- later on.


Recently I received another parcel from my brother with a some contents from my mums desk. There was a selection of items- the odd pen, my mums Red Cross badge (a wonderful find),  some sparklers.that were about 6 inches long from the 70’s I guess.

But there was also mum & dad ‘s passports from over forty years  which were great to look at. wp_20171114_003.jpg

1952 with all these wonderful stamps inside the passport


1983 (2)

So I enjoyed seeing a photo from each ten years- in a time before Facebook and digital cameras there are few & far photos of mum & dad- so this was a lovely surprise.

WP_20171110_002 1

2 thoughts on “Deleting a phone number

  1. How lovely, and interesting to see the joint passports, a thing of the past now. Many memories of their wonderful holidays abroad, going back to 26th. Feb.1952 when they landed at Barcelona, I think, and we we told that the King had died.All very precious to look at now.
    Love Jane x. Hope you get your phone sorted.


    1. I wondered if perhaps it was only me who would find them interesting- so I am really pleased you do to! I can imagine your mum & dad where on a fair few holidays with them. Obviously the trip to Barcelona as you heard that tale of the King dying. Thank you for telling me that. I hate these short days- the heating seems to be on all day. Love to you & Paul


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