5 am


What a peculiar thing. I woke in the night, or should I say early in the morning at 5 am. Got out of bed and went to the loo (nothing to abnormal in that), but then put my dressing gown on, and walked down the hall. Thinking in the back of my mind. it was quite strange that Julian wasn’t up, I went on the kitchen turning the light on.

I was saying to myself it’s quite chilly (obviously the heating hadn’t come on yet), but  carried on regardless making the way over to fill the kettle. Switched the kettle on, took out my gluten free bread, popping a slice in the toaster  & switched it on.

Got out my favorite mug, placed a Twinings breakfast tea bag inside; reached for a plate, popping the cooked toast on it and knife all ready for my breakfast.  Sat myself at the table, thinking it was odd as it’s so dark outside. But I’m no longer an early riser (mixture of fatigue and amitriplyine)- it is nearer to 9 or even 10 am than 7.00 am the time I’d get up when I was working or doing the school run. So  maybe that is normal for the Winter mornings, after all it is nearly Dec- whoops actually is Dec! I’m sure we can class it winter now & no longer autumn.

However I continued with my breakfast routine- then stopped suddenly in my tracks, after glancing at the clock. How could it only be 5.00 am. So what was there to do, but switch everything off in the kitchen, turn off the lights, and go back to bed.

I am not sure if I was sleep walking? or just  thought I’d  had enough sleep. I have noticed over the last few months, I have had a few sleep walking episodes.  My mind must be doing over time.

In the past I have had times when I slept walk. One night I went to bed in one bed & woke up in another. Nothing to exciting – it was a twin bedded room and was about aged 10.

I recall when we were first married I was sat up in bed waving my arms above me in the air. Julian said ‘what are you doing, its the middle of the night’, and I said most defiantly ‘catching spiders’.


I didn’t look at the clock this morning before I got out of bed, which makes me think I was sleep walking. Either way I managed to get back to sleep and didn’t burn the house down cooking my toast.

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2 thoughts on “5 am

  1. Welcome to our world,Sue. Simon and seem to take it turns to wake before the cock crows! If it’s me I go back bed to try and sleep agai, Simon gets up and goes to work in the office. What are you Warburtons like? Xxx


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