Scatty as usual

These last few days I have been scatty as usual.

Too start with I burnt one hand, and then the next day burnt the other as a matching pair. All I was doing was putting pieces of chicken in the oven or testing to see if cooked. It wasn’t a big culinary event.

So today Julian has cooked a big pot of Beef Madras- smells divine. So I am safe from cooking for a day or 2 apart from maybe being in charge of the rice.

We woke up today to a white world

I thought the roads sounded quiet. Well actually with the sound of wheels spinning and revering of engines on the hair pin bend outside our house it was more chaotic then usual.

Brings back memories of the time I was in the car coming back with Josh as a baby & we got stuck in the snow on the other side of the mountain. Scary. We had to abandon our car and a kind woman said I could rest in her house near by until collected  by a four wheel drive. So carrying all the baby equipment, Josh in a car seat I struggled to her house. Luckily brother Ian drove from Cheshire & collected me. It was ridiculous as that is where I had started my journey!. I only lived 8 miles over the hills but the snow is so notorious in this area- it was safer going back to mum & dads. I don’t think Josh aged 12 weeks was any the wiser of the adventure!


Anyway I have been side tracked by the weather! Was mentioning how scatty I have been recently. I’ve had a new computer since last Xmas & the address list I usually use to produce labels, (saving time & energy) just to stick on my envelopes was lost. How annoying 😦  So I thought, I won’t be outdone- it will be easy to do it anew, no problems.

What a joke. firstly laboriously I complied a list with all the additions of friends & families moves on ‘Excel’.Was this right- I am not IT trained- just muddle along . Then all I wanted to do was move this list onto ‘Word’ and print some labels. Well it has taken me about 3 days!!!!! And then some of them didn’t print; some printed of the side of the label; someprintedlikethiswithnogaps; some wouldn’t print:my printer didn’t want to work half way; I had to add ink; the labels ran out.

It was hassle & I wondered was it me! Maybe there was a really simple way to produce these things. But I agree when Julian said I could have bloody well written them all out by now ( about 10 times) . But I WANTED TO DO IT!! it would save time in the end.

It’s Dec and mum would be asking me have I written them yet. Like last year.So I will get on now I am prepared with my labels. I have food in the slow cooker. But there’s two important names missing from my new list, which is quite jarring.

Should I write my blog- or those Xmas cards?

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