Sorry it’s a bit of a long tale!

Tuesday- we still had a lot of snow- but were determined to go and see Josh in the Hijinx review .

We used our secret snow gate in our fence, which leads through a kind neighbours garden, rather than walking all the way around. Its a long drive way. We had parked our car nearer the main road, as our drive looked like this on Monday:-

We’d jumped in our car & not looked up the drive- just spent the time defrosting the car, changing out of our wellington boots into shoes etc and drove off :-on a mission to get to Prestatyn. By the time we had driven there we had left the snow behind- it felt quite tropical by the sea. Anyway Julian & I sat with other parents, carers, siblings fiends coming to watch the Hijinx presentation for the last years work & whats coming in the New Year.

Josh was sat on the other side of the room when we arrived. He spots us, waves, but turns his head at the same time. Very nonchalant- or rather he’s pleased we are there, and can’t look. Classic ASD.

We enjoy the performances. It’s so clever how the students can work together. It shows how much they enjoy their days at Hijinx.

When we have time after their show to hear from different tutors their events over the past year, & perhaps a photo will come up on the screen from one of the Hijinx North Academy students- they whistle, jeer, just like any students would from a mainstream group. It is so welcoming to hear that ( or I thought so anyway)-  their abledness (my new word) rather than disabledness.  And we hear a lot of that word disabled, downs syndrome, autism during the next hours talk. Terms that make Julian & my skin prickle a bit. I never even mention those  terms around Josh- he is just Josh to me.

But he absolutely loves Hijinx.

So having spent a few hours in sunny Prestatyn – Julian & I drove back towards Ruthin, and the closer we go the colder it grew.

These photos are from the car- but I thought they were pretty cool ( excuse the pun).

We stopped to buy a few supplies in our local Tescos. As per usual my legs had given up walking around by the second aisle, so I sat and caught up with my texts on one of those seat at the front of the shop with the other elderly folk!

Julian finished paying & he said he had met another next door neighbour ( not the one who lets us walk through their garden when it snows). The neighbour mentioned in conversation yesterday he’d helped another neighbour ( we see to have 100’s) clear our drive of snow.

WP_20171211_023 Julian thanked him, But said we hadn’t noticed !( we took him a bottle of wine later).

He must think we were so unobservant. He doesn’t know about our snow gate, and have thought we’d walked all the way around our long drive to the car & not noticed all that snow had been shifted. It was a big job. And most of it uphill. Sorry if that story is boring- but I kept saying for hours afterwards- what must he have thought of us!

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