‘This is the dentist’……………..


So, the other week, staff at my son’s supported living house took Josh to receive his flu vaccination.

Actually let me go back to when we visited Josh last week & he was sat in the back  of the car, as we hurtled towards Abergele to get our McDonalds; telling us  ‘the nurse had said he’s too fit for a flu  injection’.

We asked what do you mean, and he said ,’I haven’t got asthma, diabetes. I am fit and have a spleen’! Julian & I looked at each other, amazed he knew half these words, and had remembered what the nurse had said to him! He was no doubt keen to be told he doesn’t need one, as never been a fan of any vaccinations in the past, but there hadn’t been an issue about receiving one in the past, especially as he lives in a supported living house along with 3 others.

WP_20180129_009 1
Something flowering in February

His support worker was cross it had been a waste of time & effort, especially as Josh would have been anxious about going in the first place.

Once the House Manager heard he hadn’t been given his jab he was outraged….. 😦  Got straight on the phone speaking to the receptionist laying down in no uncertain terms he would be making a complaint & taking this to their superiors . Did they know of Josh’s circumstances, his learning difficulties, autism, etc etc. Etc ,etc,etc. Etc, Etc.

This is when the receptionist said ‘ Oh I’m very sorry to hear this, but we only look after Joshua’s teeth’.

Whoops, but he promptly apologized profusely.

What a great boo boo. He’s was gracious enough to tell us this story: he’d made this mistake himself. And when he retold it to us, it was so funny. And we all laughed about it together!! !I bet you could sell that joke to Billy Connolly! 🙂

He rang the DOCTORS, and Josh had his flu jab last week. So all is right in the world.

It has made us laugh all week!!!!!!!!!


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