Don’t panic, Don’t panic

So this week we are in complete disarray.


Piles of clothing ready for shipping, or to go in one suitcase or another. Washing, ironing, cables, electronics, paperwork, shoes soles turned heavenly as they dry from being  cleaned with Milton. It’s chaos, but organised chaos. (who am I trying to kid-  just chaos.)

Harvey, off to Australia on Thursday. , and still much to do. I could carry on this list but as much as the turmoil in our house, it is nothing compared to my stomach & the thought of not seeing H till Xmas. I am learning how to use my new iPhone, so we can chat across the oceans. Perhaps even before he gets off the plane!  He is very patient teaching me to use it, I’m really trying to be a good student,(my brain is not as quick)- it’s hysterical how many mistakes I can make learning to turn the thing on !!

This is nothing that many other families haven’t gone through before- our children grow up, gets jobs, move away from home- it is what they do. This is just that bit further.  But we are all excited, it is contagious- what an adventure.


So I am glad- it is just going through this last week. And I am so tired. My sleep patterns up the creek. Our meals times  all over the place. The fridge empty. Food shopping seems to be bottom of the list. So Julian filling up his trolley as we speak,- tonight we will sit down quietly & have a roast chicken.  Josh home tomorrow. The family together, for a few days.

Until next week- adios.  ( please excuse spelling mistakes) 🙂


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