Forty years ago tomorrow 6/4/78


6th April

Get up 8am- Maria has gone to hospital at 1.45 am & gives birth to baby girl at 7.30 called Laura. 7Ib 4oz. Great News. Jeff rings us , and we ring to tell everyone else.

Go to school. Dead excited. People call me ‘Auntie Sue’. Play tennis with Claire, and have Geography in West Wing, there is a riot next door.

After school go to Hale & buy a birth card for J & M. Talk to Jude in the dry cleaners.

Get home and change into black silk shirt, top & pink jumper. Do a bit of homework. The Sproat’s are at out house. Go with Jeff to Wythenshaw hospital to see Maria- take her curlers etc. Also loads of cards & flowers.

She looks quite well considering, and see ‘Laura’. Lovely fat chubby face, but has a black eye!

Altogether me, Jeff, mum & dad, Ian, Mr & Mrs Sproats, so we get chucked out.

Go to Judes. Dave takes us to party at Ashley Hotel (Fiona Harrisons 18th). Really ‘good people’ like Mike & Paul Holden, Charlie, Vicky, Jane H, Sandra, Nick C, & K.C. Buy a few drinks, Sandra & Paul also buy me some. Jude and Dave finish. Dance a lot & go back to Judes 12.15. Talk and finally go to sleep at 2am.

Friday April 7th

Get up 8.00 Feel tired, just ‘roll out of bed’. We had breakfast & Jude leaves at 8,30. I walk with Helen to school. Forgot my shoes & so have to wear Jude’s training shoes – TOO BIG.

The stuff you feel important enough to write as a 16yr old!!

Like the following day when I pick daffodils for display in dry cleaners where I worked and the owner takes them home!





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