is where we bought our new car. After a search lasting months we got a second hand Volvo. Josh came with us on many trail runs over these mths to see if he would fit comfortably in the back. On one of the last days of his Easter stay with us, we mentioned ‘how about a trip to Anglesey’ & his eyes lit up. So bye bye to our old reliable Rover ( that had become anything but reliable in the last 6 months).

So how strange that our journey ended in Llanfair P G.

and so for the photo- sorry its taken inside the car during a thorough car wash! If like me cars don’t really excite you- they just get you from (a) to (b)- then you won’t be disappointed.

Keeping myself occupied whilst Josh singing his karaoke with the apple peelings 🙂


Josh’s new bathroom. ‘The Ottoman‘. I mention this as I called in a large local furniture shop asking about buying an Ottoman & they adamantly told me ‘they were out of date- no one makes Ottomans these days’- so went home and looked on the internet, purchasing this white leather look one within an hour. There was loads of choice – so felt rather chuffed his refurbed ( spelling mistake?) bathroom looked even smarter.

IMG_0683 (Edited)I seem to have several things on my mind this Blog- none of them very in depth?

Are poor Camellia took rather a hammering this winter with all that snow- it split & now sort of looks like a chicken- just needs a beak.

83a1b171-a4d4-4151-8dc6-88da01725ed9It was a that time of year again when good friends came over to stay locally so we could all meet up. This year the venue was the Ruthin Castle along with resident peacocks. (happy memories of mum & dad taking us there over the yrs)

It was an adventure. I learnt how to use the torch in my iPhone- as the dining room seemed so dark- we needed it to read the menu  ( but delicious food). There were  fleeting glimpses of other guests, perhaps knights or fair maidens, dressed for the medieval banquet. Which all made it a ‘different ‘ evening out. But stupendous.  Always good to see old friends & share great memories.

Appreciate their journeys to make it possible for a super meal together- as they understand the fatigue I daily suffer.  How can socializing be so tiring!!

IMG_0647 (Edited)

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