IMG_0881My washing machine, has been irritating me months. Firstly there is always suds when I open the door- so something isn’t rinsing properly. Secondly the conditioner compartment  never ever, ever runs through. It is permanently blocked. And I have tried ( or Julian has tried all sorts of brushes that can unblock tiny orifices). So I fill the conditioner again, and after another wash open the machine expecting it to be empty- but, no it is still there. I have bottles of the stuff under my sink waiting to be used.

IMG_0914 (2)

So tomorrow is the day it will be serviced. My Meile engineer is coming out to give a once over. It is not surprising a few things have started to be a hassle as we bought it in 1999. So he is coming in the morning ( all being well) and later in the day the oven is being cleaned. What a great day. I only wish I had someone to come and give the microwave (circa 1988 ridiculously old) and fridge a once over too!

Yesterday we had a great visit with Josh and where surprised to see him in his first jeans ( not bad at 28). But now he is wearing braces they don’t fall down which was the issue with most other trousers worn with a belt. So I thought he was looking great with straight leg jeans. We had lunch out and it was even warm enough to sit outside. Eating at 12 noon the only guests at the pub which suited Josh fine.



During the week I was pleased to link up with another old primary school friend. Coming about in a most far reaching way. You have to pay attention to the link as it is quite tenuous. My eldest brothers friends wife got in touch with me, as their son got married last weekend somewhere down in the South of England. The bride best friend, naturally was a bridesmaid and at the wedding during a conversation with this bridesmaids mother, she twigged we went to school together.

I learnt her married name & we’re now Friends on FaceBook. She recalls playing in the hay barn at our farm when we were kids & I recall her modern bungalow with posters of Cliff Richard!

It is so easy to lose our identity when we take up our married names.

Lastly, I was so pleased Mark Williams won the World Championship snooker last weekend. Taking his post match interview naked, as he said he would for a bet if he won the title! Well done for carrying out the bet( but not to keen on all your tattoos- sorry).



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