‘Getting into Bed’……………………

Firstly – My Oven, remember it was being cleaned- well it is like a new oven. Definitely worth while having the oven professionally cleaned & although my Miele washing machine guy sweated blood and tears – he couldn’t get the conditioner section to empty. Unless I paid near enough £200 ( can’t remember- that’s only a guess) but with machine from 1999. Wasn’t worth it. So our friend who came to stay last week left here with a going home prize of a 8 bottles of conditioner. That’s cleared out my cupboard!


Last week I must have enthusiastically got on the bed landing as usual on left leg- but this time hurting my knee. Nothing earth shattering- but enough to make it swell up and be painful. I did try and take a photo to show the swelling- but thought wisely- no one wants to see this pastry colored leg of a middle aged woman!

IMG_0977 (Edited)

After about a week the swelling wasn’t reducing- so I went to see a GP, who suggested anti inflammatorys ( unfortunately they make me sick), resting my leg with occasional ice packs. He sent me off to local hospital for  an X Ray. As I climbed on the  X Ray table- a hidden voice asked the radiologist the cause of the injury and she shouted ‘getting into bed’. I imagine most injuries are caused doing something more exciting- like cycling, judo, tennis- not just getting into bed!

However I have been resting and looking into our freezer for a suitable ice pack thought a small light packet of runner beans home grown from a few years back ( probably past their best by now). It has been working nicely, wrapped in a light weight serviette- but I certainly I have taken on the aroma of a fruit & veg stall at Altrincham market now!

Writing a letter the other day- I was looking up from my desk ( dad made) and noticed the packet of flower seeds ‘ Woodland Shade Mix’ which had been sent to me after dad died  31/05/17. I have been meaning to scatter them- but here we are nearly a year later.

My friend Stella dedicated a tree to ‘Warby’ with the Woodland Trust, and these seeds are for me to have a memory nearer home.

So next week they will be scattered. How the year has been complex, with the passing of both mum & dad. It has been rather numbing. We all go through the process. Josh is very pragmatic- he speaks as he finds ‘grandpa is in a coffin. The funeral was great’.Which is true, but sometimes the bluntness makes me blink. So summing up the year yes it has been numbing, leaves a mixture of a heavy hole in your chest- but a smile on your face.


p.s. Good Lucky Liverpool F.C. playing Real Madrid this evening in the Champions League Final. I know Harvey on the other side of the world will be cheering them on- at some good forsaken hour in the night /early morning. Hope Liverpool win ( even if they did knock Manchester City out of the Champions league a few games back).


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