Summer comes to North Wales

What a great difference it makes when the sun is shining. Even ‘George’ Josh’s rocking horse (made by his grandpa) feels Summery. ( ignore Julian’s painting jumper on his saddle. Quite often George is a clothes horse- being a handy dumping ground for coats and such like when you walk in the house!)

IMG_1230 (Edited)

We have enjoyed a week shared with friends. One day Judith, ( oldest bestest friend) came with Dougie her grandson- and that was a whole new adventure. Exciting- exhausting- exhilarating. Moving from one spot in the garden to another keeping him occupied. Our house/garden is not child friendly – we can see accidents at ever turn- but not when he was chaperoned so expertly by his grandma. ( I will have to tell Josh he took a liking to ‘Wallace’ his stuffed toy (see photo)) But not as much as bashing pans with a wooden spoon- good old family entertainment!(sorry all the photos of Dougie are him looking away- but feel I’d need permission to show his face!) That comes with years of sitting as a school Governor at YPB and always making sure the school had permission before a child’s photos was ever reproduced. Trust me he was smiling- especially been given a tour of the Ruthin Craft Centre show- a bit of culture!!

We sat for a while on the lawn & was hilarious, when I couldn’t stand up (with my swollen knee) being so steep. Not even with the assistance of Julian; I was just skidding further & further down the slope ( felt like my knicker elastic was up round my arm pits!) Eventually I had to revert to getting on all fours. Or we’d never have got me up!

Earlier in the day I had gone for a blood test in our Volvo. I parked outside the hospital.  Blood test over came out to my car being jammed in by a large wagon/lorry.

There is jammed and jammed. You could have got an envelope between the lorry and back of our car. I just got inside put air conditioning on & read messages on my iPhone ( which I am using more & more nowadays- thanks to Harvey talking me into buying- plus catching up with him in Australia seems so real when we have a chat ever now & then).

After half and hour the lorry driver  came to the passenger window & wrapped on the window…..I was only getting to grips with the controls in this new car & acted liked a pathetic ditherer- fumbling to get the right switch to turn radio down and open the window. He told me to back out in a certain way, whilst he pulled forward. Oh my goodness did this put my driving skills to a test- but how I appreciated the ‘beeps’ from the reversing beeper! It saved the day. I turned the car round on a sixpence.

Another visitor we have had this last week- well in fact 2 or 3, five or six times a day- & their eating habits are not a lot to be desired! Spilling their food all over the place. IMG_1245

The Woodpeckers. It is a crap photo- but they are a bugger to creep up on- so taken from inside window. please note handmade bird feeders Julian put together from old rotary clothes dryer and treading bamboo canes through the holes! Another bird table dad made me has grains of corn sprinkled on the top & started growing corn! The birds aren’t to keen on that.

A few flowers from the garden- spot the dustbin.

Last Friday we spent a wonderful evening with Bridget & John over in Corwen. What a festive treat with John on the Pizza oven, & Bridget bringing forth culinary treats; from crustless quiches ( gluten free specially for me) to Pavlova’s , & Creme Brulees.

Bridget is a second cousin & her parents would often have meals at our houses with mum & dad; where mum’s pudding selection would be fresh Fruit Salad in the cut glass bowl, & Egg custard. Where as Auntie Betty would serve up Fruit Pavlova and perhaps a gateau too. They were best chums. Mum & Betty often shopping for clothes together or just phoning each other for a chat. Dad & Uncle Brian would equally enjoy the evenings out, but they would sit quietly together in a corner & discuss farm yields & such matters.

Bridget & I would often stay at each others houses and play our worn out records of David Cassidy or Donny Osmond. Explore each other farm buildings- probably going in places we weren’t allowed. Great fun.

And so it is lovely to catch up with Bridget & John- and how lovely to sit outside – in North Wales until 11 pm. Even if discussing how tall the snow drifts had been last winter- the patio heater kept us cosy.


Lastly as the week approaches- I want to remember Dad. It would have been his 98th birthday on the 13th June, and of course Fathers day next Sunday. So here’s the lovely rose bush, Sandra gave me last years after dad died. It is bringing forth loads of new growth with a lovely crop of Roses ready to bloom. I can see it out of the window. Makes me smile.


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