Been out of Signal/in reverse order…….


I have been away- and annoyingly out of signal.

For One and 1/2 wks so decided to write catch up Blog in reverse order.

well the first part…………

So returning from our holiday last week with Josh ( see next Blog). A day after we were back, Julian & I decided to make the most of the weather to get away- but this time just the two of us ( my goodness that hasn’t be done for years!). But really we were going to photograph Lily Ponds down in Pembrokeshire for Julian’s Artworks. Lily ponds are his theme at the moment and these particular ponds he could access from the door.

So the day after dropping Josh back at his bungalow we were driving down( in the heat) to South Wales. ( Never mind all the repacking of clothes & my drugs!), I won’t mention the heat again- but blimey it has been HOT. Nice, but still living in the UK, we are used to at least a breeze.

After 5 hours drive we arrived at the lovely quaint little cottage.  Thrift is a hard habit to ignore and found ourselves mostly eating bits and pieces of food we were eating up from our last holiday- had travelled in a cooler box five hundred miles and deserved attention. But one day took ourselves of to the Stackpole Inn for a fantastic fish meal.

Everyday Julian was photographing the lily ponds at different times of the day. Then coming back to cool off from the heat. It was a sociable walk meeting many walkers either with their dogs or on the way to the beach. I was quite happy to stay sat in the shade, but having driven past the local church each day, I wanted to take a look inside. Apparently it was a Norman church built in the 13th century.

So on this particular day we decided to have a look. I was taking a few photos of the beautiful gravestones- covered in all sorts of algae. Walking across the path I missed my footing & WHAM- down I went. Banging head on tarmac path, turning my ankle, grazing my knee, etc etc. I lay there stunned, as you do if ever you slip and think the ground has come up to hit you.

Julian was marvellous. But I didn’t lose consciousness. He got me up and we hopped back to the car. It wasn’t to be visiting the visiting that church!

Since then I have been hobbling – but nothing broken. just nasty shades of bruise in a twisted ankle.

Two hours after the dramatic fall !- we were due to be meeting cousin Sally and hubby in the pub nearby- but I felt sickly, holding ice packs on several parts of my body. So luckily they found our house- amazing considering no phone or internet signal. But today with so many ways to either text, message, email, phone- obviously one way fought its way through.

Had a lovely catch up with Sally ( but thinking all the while- typical Susan- not looking where I was going) had to spoil the evening! We had a while chatting then I slunk away to bed after a great deal of effort getting up the stairs. Poor Julian’s back after that!

However new day, more sunshine and things are slowly improving. I spent the day on the sofa & having negotiated how to work two TV controllers surfed through all the BT channels never really finding much to watch really.


Every now and then there was rapid fire coming from outside- learning later it was Military tanks practising. And then later the siren from the oil refineries at Milford Haven. If Josh had been with us he would be singing ‘ Who do you think, you are kidding Mr Hitler’!

And so that was a brief break in South Wales- in the sunshine. But never quite getting down to the sea after I did my ankle- too many steps at Broad Haven. But what a great view. There is always next time- and find an easier access  or rather the mammoth climb back up!IMG_1576




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