Josh’s holiday/holiday with Josh

I said I’d catch up with the blog-   Our trip to Great Malvern with Josh in the middle of June. So here it is.

Its short & snappy

Too hot to read, too hot to spend a while at computer, too hot for anything right now. But I like the weather really. – don’t want the usual British raining cold summer- the is is far nicer. But my glasses keep sliding down my noise. We have a wasp nest by the back door

And you can’t get to the space- as no loft above that area. Bugger. so we’ll have to get the pest control. Julian has tried blocking there entrances & they have made 4 new holes. He tells me these things & I pretend to be interested- but perhaps sexist, but such a man thing!

However back to the subject Josh’s holiday. Arrived at the house in Malvern, Julian & I go ‘ oh no’ after the experiences of Josh who fell down the wooden spiral staircase in France, on his 21st birthday & broke his foot!!!!!!!!!!!! We always stay away from any places he may fall.  Try asking for a wheelchair in O’level grade D French!

When I book a house I always inquire whether there’s feather bedding ( then we would take his own duvet etc in car), make sure there’s WiFi, but never thought the staircase would be curved. But no worries- he knew to be careful- ‘hold the rail, take your time’ was the mantra. That’s for me as well! I didn’t want to be going up & down more that once a day.

Josh was made up this house had a hot tub, and so we were in it once if not twice a day. No photos of me having a dip! Julian did try one day taking some of me getting in in my new swimsuit, but excuse me- they were soon deleted!

One of me stood outside the saleroom of Phillip Serrell auctioneer, who often takes part in Bargain Hunt ( wearing his scarf ). I read his book ‘Sold to the Man with the Tin leg’- he’s got quite a good sense of humour. Came across this saleroom as we drove into Malvern one day- was a surprise!

Malvern itself was a real problem for my poor mobility. So if we couldn’t park near something unfortunately we didn’t go. I don’t bang onto much I hope about my MS and things I can and can’t do. ( oh yes you do I can hear everyone shout). Well walking around a town is one, especially if steep roads to climb, even if there are hand rails. Also due to fatigue- but if we managed to park outside somewhere, and there might be the odd seat to rest, then I could walk a little. For instance on an other day we choose to go the Tewkesbury.

Before I show you a few photos from the Abbey- let me just say how awful my photos are on my phone. I am constantly having to crop blurs where the finger comes in! Prime Examples below; note photo above with Josh stood by the river, & below he is isn’t!

It is a skill I can take photos of the floor, often ones of my skirt, the sky- everything but the subject!

Julian has a connection with Tewksbury his Great Uncle played the organ in the Abbey & an Aunt lived in one of the little medieval houses next to Abbey where the monks lived during the time it was built. The family often went for holidays, & he has many fond memories from his childhood, i.e. fishing with his grandad on the river Severn.

Josh enjoys looking around- as long as we don’t spend hours there. It is also pretty quiet (as you’d expect) which suits him. We both lit candles, there was a peaceful serenity to the place.

Josh had a great time. The weather was fine, although we away he carried on with his meal times. So it was geared up for noon and 5pm. We ate out in a pub in Tewksbury that was the most anxious he was- as you can see from both our faces!


These photos below are taken in a pub near Llangollen on the trip back, It shows how mums persistence to take photos all the time show in both Julian’s & Josh’s expressions!!! haha they get real pissed off as the photos are taken. The first one is great,  IMG_1377


And now to more important things- switch on a fan Julian has lugged down from the left, feet up & watch some Wimbledon. xx




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