-C ( C minus for effort)


Recently I have kept meaning to add something to my blog and then ‘things’ kept taking precedent. So I can only mark myself a C Minus for effort!

Josh’s birthday went brilliantly. I managed to put an App on his tablet for audiobooks; he loved all his presents. Especially the film ‘Keeping Mum’ with Rowan Atkinson & Maggie Smith. Pride of place were his hand painted mugs with Laurel & Hardy on them from Uncle Ian & Auntie Heather. He loves L & H- I wish I’d been able to buy a life size cut out  of Oliver Hardy to match the one we got of Stan a few years ago- mind due that might make his room here a bit over crowded.

The figure makes you jump for a while until you are used to this ‘man’ standing in the room- a bit like the Sid Vicious one I made at art college, which now lives behind Harvey’s bedroom door.IMG_2247

So  anyway J’s birthday went well- then it was Harvey’s to celebrate ( be it we are 10, 607 miles apart). I rang wishing him happy birthday, feet up on the sofa, watching TV 11pm on the night before his birthday (in UK) – But in Australia he was on the bus to work; then spoke  10am next day and he was home from work. Better for a chat. All very odd this time difference!


I remember we were in Ruthin on his birthday, and it was lovely and hot, what a fantastic summer we’ve had this year.

Whilst there I took some photos of the town & they reminded me of a few pictures I included in my last ever show in 1999. Unfortunately haven’t got many photos of the finished pieces!

Looking through these sketchbooks  years later – the line appears quite confidant in my drawings.

The choice of colour has been torn from magazines – which was more similar to the materials used in the textile pieces. A patchwork of torn material pieces built up on the base of strengthened canvas on which the detail is then sewn using machine embroiderery.  A lengthy process- but something I could do sitting down. However it is still a tiring process  and caused fatigue- in the same way many things do with ms. So I have let it slip away;  starting pieces years ago which lie unfinished in the drawer.

I will gather some inspiration and try to sell the few unsold pieces from that show back in 1999 and perhaps put them on my blog page. It is better then them wrapped in bubble wrap in my dining room. Or unframed in the bottom drawer.

I am sat at the computer now waiting for my Tesco’s’ deliver & look up at the Chagall calendar – this month there is this lovely picture of a church at ‘Chambon- dur Lac’ 1926 – quite unlike his other works- but I like it. Now maybe painting 9 this media) would be a lot easier (time wise) than producing pieces with materials & machine embroidery- constantly changing the thread. reloading the bobbins, threading the needle. And to make any effective mark takes a lot of sewing using  cottons. I will maybe give it a try. Or perhaps I will just think about it! look at other artists & admire their work.

                   # being lazy!




3 thoughts on “-C ( C minus for effort)

    1. Waking up to read your reply , was such a treat. Kind words😬you can be my art critic. I suppose I’m not very gentle with myself, try to keep up with the rest until everything hurts 😂.today I will take it easy. Thanks and have a great day ( I visited Vancouver on a camping trip with my cousins ,35 yrs ago- loved it)

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