Through the eyes of a child (an autistic child)



I have been tiding bedrooms and came across these Workbooks Josh had to write a story from our exciting family life! All parents will now doubt be used to these coming home from school and smiling when they read stories & see pictures that their little kids have written or drawn. Well if you keep these books 20 odd years it is lovely to read through & remember those stories as though they were yesterday.

Also it is super to read them through Josh’s viewpoint- see the pictures through his eyes.

Such as the one below. Yes we did have new bunk beds around this time. Harvey being the more nimble one, he slept up top. Josh must have  thought Harvey slept in his slippers- because he wore them up the ladder as it hurt his feet!
img_2367.jpg Bless, he obviously thought I used a spade to cook with making my apple pie. Julian just wishes I made them at all these days! I will try this year 🙂


What must the school staff thought when they read this weekly news! My dad has a new shed, I Climbed on the roof!! We were probably on some sort of list for negligent parents lists after that!

img_2371.jpgBut I was always a good tooth fairy.

They most certainly did – that rocket was something only that should have been fired by Cape Canaveral. Today I found the second rocket to fire, from the same cupboard as Joshs, so we have had it there 21 years and never dared fire it. I am surprised the house hasn’t exploded.

I just put this one in below as liked his drawing of the mouse.
img_2372.jpgThis one is for Carrie who used to take care of Josh back in the day! He was so proud of his 10 metre and I was even more proud he could swim!!! Thank you Carrie xx
img_2374.jpgimg_2356.jpgJosh had wonderful staff at Ysgol Plas Brondyffyrn both Support staff such as Lyn and teachers.  This page was from early days at the special school- but makes me smile- what a great clown drawing Josh.

And the other pictures are my friend Stella who lived very close at that time & poor thing always got roped into a visit to Toy R Us ore McDonalds!


Sky was great last night ( or so I thought).



2 thoughts on “Through the eyes of a child (an autistic child)

  1. Lovely to read all those wonderful memories! I will always remember that swimming trip I was and am so proud of him. Such lovely boys too have looked after. I often talk about Josh although it does start to make me feel old!! 😄


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