Can’t fight it sometimes :(

IMG_2517And so it’s been a busy week in Susan’s life (busy means something each day i.e doctors, dentist, hairdressers, etc etc.). Not the same as your average life!!

Plus other things more important, but would take too long to mention in this quick blog. So it was a new thing in my m.s life to wake up on Monday with a weak right side. Even adding things to the shopping list was a jolt as my writing was not my own. It has turned into somebody else’s- slightly slurred, spindly, less legible than usual. Then typing on computer is hard. Holding glass of water was strange- it felt so heavy, so changed to smaller glass in case I dropped it! Putting my mascara is a real effort, brushing my teeth.

What is going on. Decided to check not a UTI– but that came back negative- so left with no other alternatives- something MS related. My walking slower than usual- it hurts in a funny inside nervy way. So I’ve still attended all these appointments, then home to doze on the sofa.


IMG_2519Last time Josh was home, he said to me ‘why is your photo in that frame mum’? I said ‘that’s not me, it is your great granny or my granny as a young girl’.

It is the photo of girl on the right, with a straw hat. My mum & Auntie Phyllis used to say I had a look of her too when I was much much younger.

Yesterday Julian wanted to go somewhere in town & used the car park. The parking machine was only writing commands in Welsh, it wouldn’t accept coins ( probably full). There was a couple of American (tourists probably) in front of him, with another chap trying to help them- as they were absolutely lost- what to do.  Julian said it kept them occupied for about 20 mins!

Tomorrow we visit Josh- but will let the car do the exercise, and I’ll do the minimum. Hopefully I will be on the mend next week.

These things are sent to try us ( as mum would say).

Over and out- time for a cuppa.



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