…………….Terminal 1

So today is a cold day

Cold weather is here and the threat of snow has been mentioned

The countdown to Christmas is upon us

My head is still mashed with the talk of Brexit

It is a normal Thursday

Except today my son is flying to Terminal one later 🙂

Ten months has passed since we waved him off to Australia in February

So although the last month has been crammed full of negativity; completing depressing ESA forms; appointments with MS Consultant; my GP; and feeling below par- today is a good day. I am more than ready chatting face to face not over Face time. Not that there will be much conversation after a 23 hour journey ( and who can blame him ). But one hug will be suffice.

No time to write anything here- time for a nap and save my energy.

Sorry for random photos- my computer has gone haywire- doesn’t seem to want to download any recent images – so you a stuck with a few old photos to brighten the page up ! Poor Harvey will be inundated with IT jobs over the next few days. Better let him sleep before I mention them.


IMG_2596 (Edited)

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