flip flops…in Dec….

So there we were yesterday sat in Terminal one. Brilliant seats, (not their colour but where they were positioned) right opposite ‘Arrivals’, so we had a great view of people coming through the automatic doors. And I was quite enjoying the occasion. I’d dressed for the cold weather with my gloves, puffer coat etc to keep out that bracing wind. On route to the airport we’d passed 1 or 2 gritters as they’d forecast icy roads. I must say it was the coolest night of the season really ( typical with Harvey flying back from Sydney with temperatures there around 25 degrees).

So we were sat eyes looking forward to see who next walked through the doors. I had a text from him and he was collecting luggage. So we were more relaxed now. We’d got to the airport on time, his plane had landed so were taking a breather to enjoy watching other reunions.

The lady sat next to me had been frantically texting. Then a few moments later she sort of shrieked with alarm, as she jumped up from her seat. I shrieked in alarm, at her shriek , and she lurched towards a woman. In my imagination this younger lady was the daughter. And with her was with a little girl ( probably the granddaughter), and an awkward chap (being greeted by his overbearing Mother in law. I guessed he was an Aussie, and it was a grand reunion for mum and daughter with the thousands of miles between them. Poor son in law- looked totally bemused by the woman. 

It was rather emotional. The lady sat next to me, had thrown down her bag to grab hold of the daughter, then granddaughter, who I must say looked rather perplexed at this semi stranger giving her such a hug! 

On the other side of the railings a woman stood holding some balloons ‘ happy engagement’.  But unfortunately I never saw the happy couple emerge from the plane.

 Julian and I watched a man appear through the automatic doors. He was dressed in shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops! I said to Julian’ he’ll feel the cold. Not even a jumper, and look at the flip flops!’ the man sat next to me said ‘that ‘ll learn him’!

What fun we were having. Pointing out bronzed goddess’s walking past dressed for Bonda Beach, not Manchester Airport. And then suddenly there Harvey stood amongst the other arrivals. He had nipped past whilst we were to busy looking elsewhere! We called his name, he looked tired, and why not after flying for 23 hours.

But more importantly we had our hug.

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