Going back for my arm…..

it has been over a month since I blogged. excuse no use of capitals in this blog but left hand still on strike

and a lot has happened

I woke up on the 22nd of dec with slack left hand mouth – why was I spilling some of my tea>? my left hand or leg was very weak.

Hubby took me to a&e where straight away taken to stroke nurse. I had a cat scan- inconclusive.

came home- pleading to spend xmas at home with family.

xmas a struggle ( putting it mildly)- but we were together. josh, Harvey from Aus . But me having to have my xmas dinner cut up and eat with right hand, plus biting the inside of my mouth no and then- somewhat spoilt the ambience.

I felt like I had been run over by a bus. ( I still do ). more than tired. more than my usual ms fatigue.

By Boxing day night when I got into bed. my arm was more than weak- I couldn’t feel it. I tried to turn on my side it was so difficult- used so much energy. eventuality I managed iy but I had forgotten my arm which was lieing limply on other side.

so I leaned over to try and pull it round, but the effort of stretching made me roll back on my back- back to square one,

my nightdress was getting in a knot. I ripped it twice trying to get settled.

fooking useless 1111- that is supposed to be an exclamation mark11111

poor Julian had flu- he was sleeping on sofa in living room- coughing. I had to ring him by phone to go to the loo- so he could get me using Zimmer to the loo. I fell once. I was not right

the next day he took josh back to supported living ‘ mums poorly’

rang 999 and Harvey went with me to a & e. my blood pressure was sky high – this time went to resus, then majors. worst part of the day was needing a wee. having a bed pan. trying to wee lying down1111. I asked Julian to come inside the curtain & with his knee turn on the water ( taps for hygiene at knee height). but even trickle of water it was really difficult to wee11111. Harvey outside curtain pacing up and down saying have you done it yet1111.

so wee done bedpan removed. after a while I send them home as im staying in. go to stroke ward. sleep amazingly well-

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