snows melting- so hopefully things will get back to normal

trying to use my left hand to type! so taking rather a long time, and a few mistakes. but mighg be light on the horizon. my sight has been effected by this stroke. having to shut right eye for closew work- like reading phone or any other reading- which at the moment is radfio times! haven’t the patinrcce for a book.

\\i ma contnining to wheel around with my 3 wheeler. havent’y had a fall foar few days. dredded myself this morning. but bra diffivult. progess isbeingf made.

given up typing with left hand – was so slow !!!

phoyos below – are view from living room. not been out. and;so as the phone quite heavy for hand and get left hand to press button to take phoyo. I can lean on the window ledge yt take this photo- hence so many.

julian cooked salmon last pm. he used a bay leaf. went to get it from little bush outside- came in and said’ what do you think of next if I say ‘bay leaf’…..and I immediately said ‘ Bay leaf the gardener’.

for our generation growing up in the 6’s. the Herbs was one of the favourite kids tv- played during Watch with mother.

it was a bit weird like Hectors House- but enjoyable

Julian said the other night he heard the little owl ‘twit tooing’ outside . he opened the window so I could here it to. lovely sound. when Harvey was here at xmas he said he could hear the owl- as his bedroom- right underneath the tree. so I will text him and say we have all heard it now. my God- you can tell I have no news1 and nothing exciting happening in my life.

but I don’t care- I am out oh hospital and slowly, quietly trying to recover.

bye bye yo one and all

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